Ways to Protect Your Skin

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Skin cancer is sadly not uncommon in the U.S. today.   This is mainly due to our unprotected exposure to the detrimental UV rays from the sun. Fortunately, we know full well just how to protect your skin.

Use Sunscreens Wisely

One of the most common mistakes people make is they associate sunscreen with those rare occasions when they spend several hours outdoors. You need to realize that picnics aren’t the only time when you are exposed to the UV rays from the sun. You should use it every time you are out under a clear sky for any extended period of time. If you’re using spray sunscreens, spread it evenly on your face to avoid streaky protection.  An easy way to keep your skin safe from the blazing sun is to wear a hat or a cap. Try to incorporate it into your attire for the love of your skin. A little cover could go a long way in saving your skin from potential damage.


Adopt a Healthy Diet

Not many people appreciate this, but maintaining a healthy diet is key to having healthy skin. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your meals and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated and eating healthy meals protects your skin from aging, wrinkling, and breaking out into sunspots.

Avoid Artificial Tans

We understand that tans look attractive, but not if they come at the cost of damaged skin down the line. You would be surprised to hear that UV rays that you face via artificial tanning are more dangerous than the UV rays from the sun. Not only can artificial tans contribute to premature aging of your skin, they can also lead to skin cancer.

Make Sunblock the Last Layer

Always make sure that sunscreen is the last thing that you apply to your face. This way, the layer will not break and eventually protect your skin from damage. Using products over the sunscreen or sun block will only beak the layer, allowing UV rays to pass through and cause damage.

Take Advantage of Serums and Creams

You may apply loads of sunscreen and sun block to keep away from skin damage, yet a certain small amount of damage is inevitable. To compensate if your skin is even slightly damaged, apply topical ointments like aloe vera to repair your skin.  These often will soothe sun-damaged skin right away too.

If you are worried about the look of damage done to your skin from years of sun exposure, Dr. Jacob Rispler at LDI can explain how laser skin therapy can rejuvenate the look of tired, wrinkly skin.  Dr. Rispler has nearly 40 years of experience with laser dermatology and has improved the look of countless clients over the years.

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