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I came to LDI in West Covina in June 12, 2015 with severe adult acne, brown spots and acne scars. The transformation of my skin is unbelievable after 5 treatments. Being a fair skin African American numerous dermatologist would not recommend any type of laser. I am very thankful for Dr. Rispler’s expertise with multiple laser treatments and African American skin. The price is minimal in comparison to the amount of money that I spent in the past on creams, lotions and useless other microdermabrasions, peels, etc. The only regret that I have is not take a before picture without makeup to post for everyone to see the best results ever. I can now go out of the house with no makeup and get compliments on my skin from family, friends and co-workers. Thank you Dr. Rispler and your team of awesome nurses.

Rosemary E.
West Covina, CA

I read so many bad comments but I had a great experience there. The receptionists were so nice and personable, the nurses were friendly and had great bedside manner. The sales guy was very nice and understood my needs and was not pushy at all. Most of all, I think I understand how a lay person would misinterpret Dr. Rispler but he is very intelligent and really knows what he is talking about and I did a lot of research on him before going in. He has contributed so much to the laser world and publishings, which is why I chose to go even though I read some negative comments. Google him I found a wealth of information he has contributed. My results were fantastic and I have referred many to him in the last few weeks after seeing results. For wrinkles and skin tightening, they are the best. I have had subpar work done elsewhere so I have something to compare to. Highly recommended!

Laura B.
Chatsworth, CA

I came in to Dr. Rispler’s office for my adult acne that I suffer from, The staff was very friendly made me feel welcome as well as Dr. Rispler. I have been looking for a long time for a dermatologist that I can trust to help me. I have tried every product possible and nothing seem to work, I was ready to give up and just face that this acne is not going away. Since starting my treatments With LDI I have seen major improvement in my skin. I am no longer breaking out and my acne scars are less visible. Not only am I happy with the outcome of my treatments but I have gain the confidence to walk around without makeup and not feel embarrassed. I am one happy acne free patient.

Leah L.
Tustin, CA

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Dr. Rispler is certified by the American Academy of Dermatology and is among the most recognized names in laser dermatology.  

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Recent Yelp Reviews

  • A few months ago I had my FREE consultation at Laser and Dermatology Institute. I met with one of the consultants first and thought he is extremely knowledgeable & professional. After I met with the consultant I felt confident to start treatment that same day. Dr. Rispler is one of the smartest dermatologist I’ve ever met. I asked tons of questions and he was very patient with me and answered every question I had. Dr. Rispler explained to me that it would take 6-8 treatments to laser off my facial hair permanently. After the consultation I was super exited to get started. I had my first laser hair removal treatment at the Covina office. A nurse named Teresa did my first treatment she was very gentle. She numbed my face and gave me some protective goggles for my eyes and she explained into detail what she was doing. She zapped my face with the laser a few times and I was done. OMG, I was so surprised that I was done with my first laser treatment so fast. The lasers felt like warm tiny stings on my face but it was virtually painless. I’m looking foward to my future laser treatments.. So far I’m extremely satisfied with Dr. Rispler and his staff. I highly recommend LDI to anyone.

    Darlene G.
    Anaheim, CA
  • I heard about Laser and Dermatology on KIIS FM so I decided to go in for my free consultation. I had been thinking of getting tattoo removal quite sometime just couldn’t afford the prices I was getting quoted in the orange county area. Anyway so the consultation was in Covina and let me start off by saying it was very worth my time. I went in and had my tattoo looked and spoke with Dr. Rispler he told me how many sessions I needed and advised me as well that It would not be painful and of course I did mention the cost which wasn’t a problem Dr. Rispler had payment options for me so it wasn’t like I had to pay in full so that was a big yes to me. I left the consultation ready to go back and begin treatment. First day of treatment I was super nervous all I could think about how painful It would be, the nurse started me up with numbing cream and I waited for about 45min to let the numbing kick in. Let me say Dr. Rispler made my first laser session easy and fast it was not painful as I assumed it would of been the numbing cream helped me bunches. My first session went well I’d say 70% of my tattoo was removed which I was so happy and eager to go back knowing that my next session would be even better! I’m on my 4th session and it is my last and my tattoo is completely gone. I am so happy with the results of LDI and the staff there they made is so easy and comforting plus affordable for me as well. I’m definitely going back to have acne treatment as well. Dr. Rispler and his staff at Covina are amazing and made me one happy patient.

    Andrea L.
    Orange, CA

Went in today for a free consultation at the Covina location, got quoted and started the treatment for my acne and acne scarring the same day. So far i do not have any complaints. The staff were very friendly and the nurse explained everything in great detail. Dr. Rispler came in and evaluated my face for the treatment that needed to be done for today, I did not find him rude at all. I like how the office gives out samples of the medications, topical creams and face washes instead of purchasing the full size and finding out later it did not react as well with your skin condition. Lastly, The laser and shots are not painful at all.. very tolerable, i am looking forward to my next appointment and great results. Thank you L.D.I

Christina H.
West Covina, CA

I started seeing Dr. Rispler a year ago and at first, never believed in his surgery-free approach, but he definitely beat my expectations. He and his staff were very professional, and always listened to my questions. Dr. Rispler planned out the most specific treatment plans, which treat my unique skin type, tone, and color. I am approaching my 50s, so those wrinkles are coming. Thankfully, I now have a dermatologist I can call for treatments without surgery.

Hailey M.
Los Angeles, CA

Recent Yelp Reviews

I never had a problem with Dr. Rispler. He knows exactly what to do, and doesn’t need surgery to do it! My time and money are not wasted with him, especially since I can get scheduled in without having to wait. He was a wonderful, experienced team that is very welcoming. He never prescribes any medicine and doesn’t try to make a sale. The staff consistently kept a check on my comfort and made sure I had everything I need. The parking wasn’t too bad and the whole area was very accessible. I never had any hassles getting there. I have seen Dr. Rispler for four years and am happy with all the improvements my skin has seen.

Carie G.
Los Angeles, CA

I came in for a free consultation for my wrist tattoo I was trying to remove. I had been looking around at various tattoo removal options and searched the internet for hours to find the right place for me and settled on a place in Irvine named Laser and Dermatology Institute. Let me start by saying that absolutely love this place! The staff is super friendly and they make you feel welcomed. Dr. Rispler is one of the best dermatologist I’ve ever met he listens and is very kind to you. My experience with this office has been nothing but pleasant. =) My tattoo is relatively small. I’ve had 3 treatments so far and my tattoo is almost completely gone I couldn’t be happier with my results and I recommend LDI to anyone looking for a tattoo removal place like I was. I’m just so thrilled about my experience with LDI and wanted to share my tattoo removal journey with all of you! 🙂 thanks for taking the time to read my review!

Wendy L.
Orange, CA

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