9 Tips to Stop Acne Caused by Digestion

Acne Caused by Digestion

Are you having trouble clearing your acne even though you’re eating well for your skin? The issue might be how well your body digests and absorbs those nutrients. In my practice, I often see people with acne who have poor digestion, leading to nutrient deficiencies despite a healthy diet. Why does poor digestion contribute to … Read more

How to Build the Best Teenage Skin Care Routine – As Clear As Your Skin In The Future!

Teenage Skin Care Routine

Creating a skincare routine for teenagers is an essential step towards establishing lifelong habits for healthy and radiant skin. The teenage years bring about significant changes in the body, including the skin, due to fluctuations in hormones. These changes often lead to common skin issues such as acne, oily skin, and the occasional dry patches. … Read more