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laser tattoo removal

LDI offers the most advanced laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles. We can remove all colors, and for all types of skin tones. Less treatments, less pain. Call us today for a free consultation!

tattoo regret?

Research has found that 50% of people who get tattoos regret them later. In fact, one in six people with tattoos considers surgical removal. Tattoos are notoriously difficult to remove as the pigment is injected permanently under deep layers of skin. Most people who end up with tattoo regret were tattooed as teenagers, while three-quarters of those with regret spent less than a few weeks planning their tattoos.  We do not remove makeup tattoos. 

Many who seek tattoo removal do so because they don’t like how it looks, their decision to get one was impulsive, or the tattoo no longer has the same meaning. The symbol has something to do with it as well. Tribal, heart, or rose tattoos tend to cause the most regret, while fewer seem to regret Roman numerals, Celtic symbols, or the moon. Interestingly, evidence points to a greater likelihood of regret the smaller a tattoo is.  Those with larger tattoos such as full-sleeves tend to give it more thought to them.

ldi can help

need a tattoo removed?

Tattoos come in a variety of colors. At LDI, our Covina dermatologist offers an advanced treatment method that concentrates high-power laser energy in fast pulses, which reach the ink particles directly and break them apart, and which is effective at removing a broad range of colors.

Laser treatments for Tattoo Removal:

The nanosecond tattoo removal machine offers a more effective way to treat red, orange, and yellow tattoo ink colors using the new 532 nm wavelength. It is the first of its kind and the world’s premier aesthetic picosecond laser. The technology has been lauded for its clinical versatility and proven performance.

The nanosecond pulse width used by the nanosecond tattoo removal machine provides unparalleled photomechanical impact for a more efficient experience with less fluence. This is the future of tattoo removal technology!

As one of the most highly regarded nanosecond lasers, the nanosecond tattoo removal machine provides treatment for the following:

tattoo removal

Acne Scars

pigment lesion removal


The nanosecond tattoo removal laser works by applying ultra-short pulse duration that creates an intense photomechanical impact and causes greater disruption of the target for improved clearance.  This also results in fewer treatments, fluence, and injury to the surrounding skin. The laser can be successful in removing dark, stubborn blue and green inks.

frequently asked questions


Why are tattoos difficult to remove?

Tattoo ink particles are injected directly into the dermis, the living tissue below the outer layer of skin, or epidermis. They are not easy to access. Also, some ink particles are larger than others, making them even more difficult to remove. For example, reds and yellows are harder to remove than blue or black pigments. Laser tattoo removal has traditionally been more difficult for people with darker skin tones. Darker skin absorbs more laser energy, so it does not reach the ink particles.

However, a nanosecond laser is more effective at tattoo removal for dark skin. That’s because it can target light by using a specific wavelength for each color, shattering the ink into tiny particles the body can absorb and eliminate on its own.

How long will it take to see results after my treatment?

Depending on the patient’s tattoo and skin type, results may be seen in as little as one treatment. Patients often require anywhere from three to seven treatments to completely remove a tattoo (larger, multi-layered tattoos may require 10 or more treatments). Even if complete removal isn’t possible, laser treatment can significantly reduce a tattoo’s appearance.

In some cases, healing can take up to a year as the immune system flushes away the ink. This process may not be evident for several weeks, which is why we recommend six to eight weeks between treatments. This gives the body time to remove ink particles on its own.

Will tattoo removal leave a scar?

Scarring is often a patient’s greatest concern. The best tattoo removal laser treatments used now rarely lead to scarring if properly utilized. On the other hand, if you have scarring from when the tattoo was applied, this will not go away. Our dermatologist will check for pre-existing scarring and inform the patient that laser tattoo removal won’t reduce it, unless a different scar revision treatment is provided. The risk of scarring also increases if a patient fails to properly care for their skin after treatment; for example, picking scabs and blisters can lead to scarring.

Does laser tattoo removal treatment hurt?

Laser treatments for tattoo removal generally cause minimal discomfort. A topical anesthetic can be used for patients who anticipate pain more than others or who have sensitive skin. The anesthetic may be applied 30 to 60 minutes prior to treatment. Our dermatologist constantly monitors the procedure and skin temperature from start to finish to ensure your comfort. Patients who do experience pain during tattoo removal often say it is more bearable than they anticipated.

Can you remove tattoos from all skin tones?

Yes, we can. In fact, treatment is planned around the patient’s skin tone, including the wavelength of the laser we use to target the tattoo. We approach treatment more conservatively for people with darker skin tones. The wavelengths used are not as easily absorbed by melanin, the natural pigment in one’s skin. However, the darker a patient’s skin tone, the greater their risk of development pigmentation changes. Avoiding the sun for several weeks after treatment can help avoid changes in pigmentation.

Can you remove tattoos from all areas of the body?

Yes, from almost all areas with the exception of permanent eyebrow makeup, although the location of the tattoo can affect how long removal might take, including the most common tattooed areas such as the upper arms, upper back, hips, face, and buttocks. We specialize in lower back tattoo removal and eyebrow tattoo removal as well.


tattoo removal in COVINA

At LDI, we use laser treatments for tattoo removal, and can target the nine most common colors, including black, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, purple, and pink, and a wide range of skin types. We use the 532 nm wavelength to target the most stubborn colors. Laser therapy, which is safer than going under the knife, is available at our main location—LDI of Covina. Schedule an appointment online today and receive a free consultation with our Covina Dermatologist.

Went in today for a free consultation at the Covina location, got quoted and started the treatment for my acne and acne scarring the same day. So far i do not have any complaints. The staff were very friendly and the nurse explained everything in great detail...

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Dr. Rispler came in and evaluated my face for the treatment that needed to be done for today, I did not find him rude at all. I like how the office gives out samples of the medications, topical creams and face washes instead of purchasing the full size and finding out later it did not react as well with your skin condition. Lastly, The laser and shots are not painful at all.. very tolerable, i am looking forward to my next appointment and great results. Thank you L.D.I.

Christina H.

West Covina, CA

I started seeing Dr. Rispler a year ago and at first, never believed in his surgery-free approach, but he definitely beat my expectations. He and his staff were very professional, and always listened to my questions. Dr. Rispler planned out the most specific treatment plans, which...

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...treat my unique skin type, tone, and color. I am approaching my 50s, so those wrinkles are coming. Thankfully, I now have a dermatologist I can call for treatments without surgery.

Michelle Q.

Los Angeles, CA

A few months ago I had my FREE consultation at Laser and Dermatology Institute. I met with one of the consultants first and thought he is extremely knowledgeable & professional. After I met with the consultant I felt confident to start treatment that same day. Dr. Rispler...

Read More one of the smartest dermatologist I’ve ever met. I asked tons of questions and he was very patient with me and answered every question I had. Dr. Rispler explained to me that it would take 6-8 treatments to laser off my facial hair permanently. After the consultation I was super exited to get started. I had my first laser hair removal treatment at the Covina office. A nurse named Teresa did my first treatment she was very gentle. She numbed my face and gave me some protective goggles for my eyes and she explained into detail what she was doing. She zapped my face with the laser a few times and I was done. OMG, I was so surprised that I was done with my first laser treatment so fast. The lasers felt like warm tiny stings on my face but it was virtually painless. I’m looking forward to my future laser treatments.. So far I’m extremely satisfied with Dr. Rispler and his staff. I highly recommend LDI to anyone.

Darlene G.

Anaheim, CA

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