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Exposure to UV rays over time can cause sun damage which in turn can lead to a number of skin conditions and problems. Laser treatment can be very effective in removing damage cells from the skin.

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Southern California is known for its abundance of sunshine. Over time, exposure to UV rays can cause sun damage, which can lead to sun spots and age spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkling, a rough texture, and redness if capillaries under the skin surface have been damaged. Changes to the DNA in skin cells can lead to a crusty growth called an actinic keratosis or even skin cancer.

The sun can trigger the skin to age prematurely. Dark spots, also called solar lentigines or liver spots, are collections of a chemical pigment called melanin, a chemical in skin cells that normally provides sun protection. The spots are usually harmless but convince many to seek laser therapy for sun damaged skin.

Is Sun Damage Reversible?

Antioxidants can protect the skin from additional damage. Some products claim to reverse sun damage by repairing the DNA in skin cells and/or protect it from free radicals. In general, you’re left with few options to reverse any damage, except to treat sun damaged skin surgically or via laser sun damage treatment.

How to Avoid Sun Damage

Your best bet is to limit sun exposure and use sunscreen regularly to reduce the risk of problems later. A high-SPF sunscreen applied regularly can protect you against sunburn and sun damage. Apply it whenever you spend time in the sun, and try to avoid being in direct sunlight from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., when sunlight is most intense. Protective clothing and UV-filtering sunglasses help as well.

Best Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Sunblock can protect your skin from further damage. There are various creams as well; some prescription creams can kill abnormal cells or reduce dark patches, but they’re not recommended for sensitive skin. Another option is laser therapy for sun damaged skin, of which there are now a few different types. Laser-based sun damage skin treatment includes intense pulsed light therapy and laser skin resurfacing, which can remove damaged tissues.

At LDI, we offer radio-frequency sun damage skin treatment that applies radio-frequency energy to safely and effectively target damaged tissues. Options in this area include:

Forma: By directing RF energy into deep layers of skin, skin tone and texture can be improved. The treatment can be used to reveres the effects of aging as well. Requiring no downtime, Forma leaves only some redness after treatment, which goes away a few hours after the procedure.

1064nm: An Nd:YAG laser can break up pigments within the skin and even stimulate collagen production to improve elasticity. It can reach deep layers without touching the top layers of skin, leaving no damage behind. A YAG laser can be safely used on sun exposed skin, so is suited for sun spot removal.


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Laser and Dermatology Institute specializes in treating sun damaged skin with the latest in laser and RF technology, which is faster, easier, and safer than going under the knife. We are conveniently located in Covina. At LDI, you can expect the dedicated care of Dr. Jacob Rispler and personalized treatment that helps improve your appearance, skin health, and self-esteem. Contact your local LDI clinic today, by phone or online, to schedule an appointment and free consultation.

Went in today for a free consultation at the Covina location, got quoted and started the treatment for my acne and acne scarring the same day. So far i do not have any complaints. The staff were very friendly and the nurse explained everything in great detail...

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Dr. Rispler came in and evaluated my face for the treatment that needed to be done for today, I did not find him rude at all. I like how the office gives out samples of the medications, topical creams and face washes instead of purchasing the full size and finding out later it did not react as well with your skin condition. Lastly, The laser and shots are not painful at all.. very tolerable, i am looking forward to my next appointment and great results. Thank you L.D.I.

Christina H.

West Covina, CA

I started seeing Dr. Rispler a year ago and at first, never believed in his surgery-free approach, but he definitely beat my expectations. He and his staff were very professional, and always listened to my questions. Dr. Rispler planned out the most specific treatment plans, which...

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...treat my unique skin type, tone, and color. I am approaching my 50s, so those wrinkles are coming. Thankfully, I now have a dermatologist I can call for treatments without surgery.

Michelle Q.

Los Angeles, CA

A few months ago I had my FREE consultation at Laser and Dermatology Institute. I met with one of the consultants first and thought he is extremely knowledgeable & professional. After I met with the consultant I felt confident to start treatment that same day. Dr. Rispler...

Read More one of the smartest dermatologist I’ve ever met. I asked tons of questions and he was very patient with me and answered every question I had. Dr. Rispler explained to me that it would take 6-8 treatments to laser off my facial hair permanently. After the consultation I was super exited to get started. I had my first laser hair removal treatment at the Covina office. A nurse named Teresa did my first treatment she was very gentle. She numbed my face and gave me some protective goggles for my eyes and she explained into detail what she was doing. She zapped my face with the laser a few times and I was done. OMG, I was so surprised that I was done with my first laser treatment so fast. The lasers felt like warm tiny stings on my face but it was virtually painless. I’m looking forward to my future laser treatments.. So far I’m extremely satisfied with Dr. Rispler and his staff. I highly recommend LDI to anyone.

Darlene G.

Anaheim, CA

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