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spider veins

Our COVINA phlebologists can remove your troublesome veins through non-surgical and minimal laser treatment. Call us today for a free consultation on sclerotherapy.

Say good-bye to spider veins

Laser & Dermatology Institute offers advanced treatments to rejuvenate skin. We offer safe and effective spider vein treatment for people who develop visible patterns of veins on their legs. Spider veins are small blood vessels that have dilated or stretched. They occur in a branching pattern of red or blue webs and tend to progress over time.

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Why Do Spider Veins Appear?

People most at risk include those with a family history, spend a lot of time on their feet, and are overweight or obese. Spider veins are most common in women. If you get spider veins on your leg, it is because these veins have become damaged and tiny valves within them have weakened. Blood then flows backwards and accumulates, putting pressure on the vein’s walls.

Over time, the walls can weaken and start to bulge. Age, hormonal changes, injuries, and sunlight exposure can increase the risk of developing spider veins, which are a smaller type of vein.

When to Consider Treatment

You may consider laser vein treatment if visible web-like or branching veins on your skin are a concern. Their appearance on your face may be a reason for laser vein removal. A physician may recommend treatment depending on your symptoms. If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your legs, your doctor may suggest treatment several months in advance of, for example, a beach vacation to allow time for healing.

Types of Spider Vein Treatment

When lasers are used, no injections are required for spider vein removal. There is little recovery time and most patients return to work or routine activities the next day. Exposure to sunlight immediately after treatment can cause dark spots to form, so your Los Angeles dermatologist may recommend covering the area for three to four weeks when outside.

Home remedies may be recommended as well. If your physician determines laser spider vein removal isn’t necessary, you can try improving circulation through exercise and elevating your legs. Walk around every half our if you sit for long periods or take breaks ever 30 minutes if you stand a lot. Also, try to avoid soaking in lengthy hot baths.

Compression stockings apply pressure to your legs to help push blood towards the heart. They can reduce leg swelling and the risk of clots, although they don’t reduce spider veins.

The types of laser vein removal treatments we offer include: 

  • 1064nm: An Nd:YAG, or non-ablative, laser penetrates the top layer of skin without removing it. The energy is focused beneath the surface to target underlying layers and structures, including spider veins. It is as effective for treating pigment irregularities and removing hair as it is for vascular conditions.
  • Lumecca: An intense pulsed light can be used to treat vascular lesions. The skin may be come warm and red; visible veins may blanch or disappear quickly. A color change may be noticed, which takes a few days to dissipate. Some vascular treatments can take up to two weeks to take full effect.

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spider vein removal

Contact our Covina office for a free consultation. We offer safer alternatives for laser spider vein removal then going under the knife. Our Covina dermatologist specializes in many aspects of skin rejuvenation. Feel free to contact us by phone or contact form, or use our appointment self-scheduler today.

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