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If your skin looks flushed all the time, you may have rosacea. Rosacea typically appears on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead with no apparent reason. You may appear to be blushing with no physical or emotional triggers such as working out or getting overheated.

rosacea symptoms

At first, the redness may come and go, but without treatment, rosacea can become permanent. You may begin to see tiny blood vessels on your cheeks and nose. The condition tends to progress with time without rosacea treatment. There are 3 stages starting with the blushing, and appearance of vessels to acne rosacea in stage 2 of the condition. By stage 3, you may have an enlarged nose, chin, or oil glands.

Additional symptoms may include:

red bumps / pimples

small dermal cysts

burning sensations

irritated / watery eyes

Rosacea Causes

The underlying process leading to rosacea is the dilation of small facial blood vessels. While the exact cause is unknown, sun exposure, genetics, medications that dilate blood vessels, gastrointestinal disease, and even mites or bacteria are through to play a role.

Rosacea triggers include:

Exposure to sunlight
● Stress, anxiety, and fear
● Emotional distress
● Consuming alcohol
● Eating hot or spicy foods
● Exercise/physical exertion
● Taking a shower or bath
● Skin care products
● High temperature/wind/humidity

Natural Treatment for Rosacea

Rosacea is often treated by managing the triggers, although prescription medications may be used. With a topical gel or cream, you can reduce the redness temporarily. But medication wears off over time.

Natural remedies include aloe vera, burdock, chamomile, and coconut oil. Green tea, essential lavender oil, and oatmeal can help as well, while turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce rosacea symptoms. Dietary changes can help too; avocado, kale, ginger, and other anti-inflammatory foods may help manage rosacea.

Proper skin care is also important. To care for skin when you have rosacea or a flare up, use a mild cleanser, applied with your fingertips, using only lukewarm or cool water. To dry off, pat your face gently with a soft, clean towel.

Laser Treatment for Rosacea in COVINA

Lasers can be used to effectively reduce redness or visible blood vessels. The results sometimes last for years and some people even get rid of the redness entirely. For the best outcome, a series of laser treatments is typically required. The side effects are generally minimal and often limited to some temporary swelling and redness.

A properly trained Los Angeles dermatologist can offer these types of laser therapies:

Lumecca: Intense pulses of light can improve complexion through photothermolysis, often in just one to three sessions. Light is targeted to the affected area. While the skin may redden and warm, results are often seen within a few days. Any skin effects and sensitivity usually resolve in a few hours; patients are often sensitive to sunlight immediately after treatment. 

1064nm: This laser is effective at treating rosacea and blood vessel abnormalities in the skin. Long pulsed lasers penetrating deep into the skin can provide thermal exposure that may reduce the appearance of blood vessels. Favorable results are also often seen with this approach in just a few treatments, leading to a reduction or clearance of rosacea.

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