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If you have had acne, you are familiar with the pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads that appear on the face and other parts of the body. Acne is a medical condition. It is when oil and dead skin cells clog up hair follicles. Common on the face, it also appears on the forehead, chest, shoulders, and upper back. The condition can be stubborn to treat, but an LDI acne care specialist can provide various forms of treatment to help reduce its effects, including laser treatment for acne scars.

Acne is typically slow to heal and, because it causes repeated damage and injury to the skin, can lead to scarring. Many people who have acne and acne scars face emotional distress due to their appearance.

In fact, over 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from acne and 85% of people have had it at least once in their lives. More than 40% of teens and adolescents have some form of acne scarring.

How to Prevent Acne Scars

You can avoid needing acne marks removal in several ways. One is to treat acne as soon as it starts, which can help keep it under control and prevent scarring. Picking, squeezing, and popping pimples can spread acne-related infections deeper into the skin. More serious blemishes may require cystic acne treatment, but letting pimples heal on their own can avoid this.

Staying out of the sun can also help. If you are outside, use sunscreen during breakouts, and try to avoid over-washing your skin. Aggressive soaps and abrasive materials such as sponges and towels can irritate your skin even more, worsening acne and increasing the chances of scarring.

What Can Cause Acne Scars?

Hormonal acne is common, but hormones are just one of four main causes. Clogged hair follicles, excess skin oils, and bacteria can cause acne too. Stress, some medications, and a diet rich in carbohydrates can worsen the condition, while a family history and increased pressure or friction on the skin also contribute to the risk.

Scarring is a process that occurs due to a few factors:

• Inflamed pores eventually burst, releasing infected debris deep into the skin.
• Collagen is produced to repair this damage, which may be relatively shallow or deeper.
• The deeper a rupture, the more severe the scarring.
• Changes in texture and smoothness occur during the healing process.
• Deep depressions form, creating a rolling appearance on the surface.

Acne Myths

People often associate a few factors with acne, which have nothing to do with acne treatment or development. These include:

1. Eating greasy foods exacerbates acne. Greasy food doesn’t have any effect on acne, although working near a fry vat, for example, can cause oil to stick to the skin, irritate it, and block follicles.

2. Dirty skin causes acne. This isn’t true, although good hygiene is important. However, harsh soaps and chemicals and aggressive scrubbing can cause acne to get worse.

3. Cosmetics and makeup make acne worse. Oil-free makeup will not clog your pores; also remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day; also, non-oily cosmetics will not interfere with acne drugs.

After traditional eye tightening, the results are irreversible. That’s fine if you’re satisfied, but eyes can often be left looking tight or stretched, even hollowed out underneath. There’s also the risk of scarring and eye damage. The cost of surgery, anesthesia, and prescriptions for pain medications and antibiotics can be prohibitive.

Using radio frequency skin tightening, dermatologists at LDI avoid significant discomfort, recovery times, and costs associated with traditional surgery.

Two Main Types of Acne Scars

When determining the best acne scar treatment for you, dermatologists at LDI factor what types of acne scars you have. They are broken down into two main types:

• Hypertrophic/Keloid Acne Scars: Raised areas of skin, often on the chest and back, caused by too much collagen made while the skin heals.

• Atrophic Acne Scars: More common on the face, these are depressed scars; collagen production is limited during healing, causing a deep scar caused by a loss of tissue. There are three types of atrophic scars:

– Boxcar Acne Scars: Wide and U-shaped, they can be relatively shallow or deep.
– Ice Pick Acne Scars: Narrow, V-shaped depressions that reach deep into the skin.
– Rolling Acne Scars: Wide depressions with rounded edges and irregular shapes.

Acne can leave behind dark spots as well. These discolorations may be red, purple, or brown and typically fade without any acne treatments. In some cases, skin may remain discolored for months after a lesion heals; this is called post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Benefits of Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Scar removal improves your appearance. It is effective whether scarring is caused by inflammation and healing or if you picked at your acne pimples. Recovery depends on the type of treatment, but using an RF laser for acne scars involves little downtime. Even if you require more than one treatment, you can go about your normal routine the rest of the time, while following your dermatologist’s recommendations for preparation and aftercare. Laser treatment is relatively painless and quick, compared to traditional treatments.

frequently asked questions


Our dermatologists provide the best in laser acne and acne scarring removal.


It will depend upon your condition. The doctor will evaluate your specific problem and recommend the best and most efficient way to resolve your problem.

What are risks associated with this scar treatment?

Although laser acne scar removal is generally safe, there are risks including swelling, redness, and itching. Bleeding may occur as well. Side effects can also include pain and scarring. See a doctor right away if there are signs of an infection such as increasing redness or pus.

Is acne scar removal treatment painful?

Laser treatments are less painful than traditional forms of acne treatment. You may feel heat during the procedure and experience some redness afterwards. With Fractora, some bruising may occur.

Can you help with Cystic acne treatment?

Our intense pulsed light laser can be used to treat cystic acne. It is most effective on blackheads and whiteheads, although it works on some pimples as well.

How can I prepare for my acne scar treatment?

Your health care professional will make recommendations but, in general, you should not smoke at least two weeks prior to treatment, or take medications or supplements that may affect healing. Avoid prolonged sun exposure beforehand. Also stay away from skin care products such as glycolic acid or retinol for several weeks ahead of the procedure.

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Went in today for a free consultation at the Covina location, got quoted and started the treatment for my acne and acne scarring the same day. So far i do not have any complaints. The staff were very friendly and the nurse explained everything in great detail...

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Dr. Rispler came in and evaluated my face for the treatment that needed to be done for today, I did not find him rude at all. I like how the office gives out samples of the medications, topical creams and face washes instead of purchasing the full size and finding out later it did not react as well with your skin condition. Lastly, The laser and shots are not painful at all.. very tolerable, i am looking forward to my next appointment and great results. Thank you L.D.I.

Christina H.

West Covina, CA

I started seeing Dr. Rispler a year ago and at first, never believed in his surgery-free approach, but he definitely beat my expectations. He and his staff were very professional, and always listened to my questions. Dr. Rispler planned out the most specific treatment plans, which...

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...treat my unique skin type, tone, and color. I am approaching my 50s, so those wrinkles are coming. Thankfully, I now have a dermatologist I can call for treatments without surgery.

Michelle Q.

Los Angeles, CA

A few months ago I had my FREE consultation at Laser and Dermatology Institute. I met with one of the consultants first and thought he is extremely knowledgeable & professional. After I met with the consultant I felt confident to start treatment that same day. Dr. Rispler...

Read More one of the smartest dermatologist I’ve ever met. I asked tons of questions and he was very patient with me and answered every question I had. Dr. Rispler explained to me that it would take 6-8 treatments to laser off my facial hair permanently. After the consultation I was super exited to get started. I had my first laser hair removal treatment at the Covina office. A nurse named Teresa did my first treatment she was very gentle. She numbed my face and gave me some protective goggles for my eyes and she explained into detail what she was doing. She zapped my face with the laser a few times and I was done. OMG, I was so surprised that I was done with my first laser treatment so fast. The lasers felt like warm tiny stings on my face but it was virtually painless. I’m looking forward to my future laser treatments.. So far I’m extremely satisfied with Dr. Rispler and his staff. I highly recommend LDI to anyone.

Darlene G.

Anaheim, CA

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