Finding the Right Doctor for Tattoo Removal

May 24, 2019
Finding the Right Doctor for Tattoo Removal
At one time, tattoos were permanent. Today, tattoo removal is possible with the aid of laser technology. There are many reasons one might decide to remove a tattoo.

At one time, tattoos were permanent. Today, tattoo removal is possible with the aid of laser technology. There are many reasons one might decide to remove a tattoo. They may regret the decision, the tattoo might not have the same meaning, or one might want to appear more favorable to a new employer. But to ensure you get the safest and most effective treatment, it’s important to find the right tattoo removal doctor.

The most important things to know include:

Whether the Doctor/Clinic Is Certified

Check whether the physician or facility is certified by the state they are based in. Certification ensures the technician providing treatment is fully educated and trained, and that they’re fully aware of the best practices associated with using a laser. Also verify the doctor belongs to the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, an organization dedicated to quality of service and professionalism.

They Specialize in Tattoo Removal

Many advances have taken place in recent years, including new technology specifically for removing tattoos. Surgical lasers often have different settings and power levels. A technician must be skilled and experienced at choosing the right settings based on ink color, density, and skin type. Accomplishing this takes a great deal of practice. General dermatologists may not have the specific skills needed and may charge more for their services. It’s, therefore, more practical to consult a specialist for laser tattoo removal.

The Type of Laser Used

Always inquire about the equipment used. Avoid unrealistic claims, such as high-power lasers removing the ink. Your body ultimately removes the ink; the laser first breaks it up into smaller particles. Laser & Dermatology Institute of California uses a nanosecond laser machine that can treat red, yellow, and orange as well as blue and green tattoo inks. Operating at the 532 nm wavelength, it is highly versatile; its short-pulse duration improves clearance, avoids injury to surrounding tissue, and reduces the number of treatments needed.

Be Open About Your Expectations

During your consultation, tell your doctor why you want a tattoo removed. It is an important decision. Tattoo removal can be costly and the results aren’t always guaranteed. The right doctor can manage your expectations. They will also be open about the risks, what to expect after the procedure and recommend against it if you have pigmentation problems, active acne, skin lesions, or an autoimmune system disorder. Also, ask the doctor to walk you through the process before scheduling a laser procedure.

Ask Questions About the Practice

Ask whether a doctor will be on site during your procedure. It’s also important to know if the doctor is board-certified in dermatology. Ask for a thorough evaluation before the procedure, if one isn’t performed—treatment methods and outcomes vary by skin type. Your medical history is important as well. The clinic should examine your history to determine if any medical conditions may interfere with the technique and its results. Ask for before and after photos as well; quantifiable results should be available before you opt for laser tattoo removal.

Consult with LDI

At LDI of Covina, we provide free consultations, so patients know exactly what to expect. Our tattoo removal doctor uses equipment that treats the broadest range of ink colors. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach. Each patient is treated based on their unique needs. For expert tattoo removal by Dr. Jacob Rispler, and top dermatological services in Southern California, self-schedule your appointment online or call us at 866-478-7837 today.