Finding the Right Dermatologist for You

Jun 27, 2019
Finding the Right Dermatologist for You
Decide What Kind of Dermatologist You Need Some skin doctors specialize in more general care, such as performing skin exams, looking for suspicious moles, and treating acne or rashes.

Decide What Kind of Dermatologist You Need

Some skin doctors specialize in more general care, such as performing skin exams, looking for suspicious moles, and treating acne or rashes. Depending on your condition, you might seek more specialized medical care for cystic acne or rosacea. A cosmetic dermatologist can provide chemical peels, injections, or use laser technology to treat a variety of issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, or sun damage, while others specialize in surgical treatments to remove benign or malignant growths.

Look Up Their Credentials

The first place you should look is the physician’s website. Any practitioner you go to for skin treatment should be certified by the American Academy of Dermatology, which lets you search for certified practitioners in your area by zip code or the American Board of Dermatology. If their qualifications list many specialties, it is better to look for someone who specializes in, for example, laser treatments.

Seek a Consultation

You’ll want to consult with your doctor before making any treatment decisions. But go beyond that by asking patients how they feel. An effective way to do this schedule a Monday or Tuesday appointment. Although these are usually the busiest days, a full waiting room gives you a chance to hear first-hand experiences from patients. If you must wait a few weeks for an appointment, that’s a sign the doctor is trusted.

Review Your Medical Insurance

Your medical coverage may determine what dermatologist to use. Some plans cover dermatology costs, while others require patients to pay out of pocket. Your plan should list in-network practitioners and the medical or surgical treatments covered. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance plans, but skin cancer screenings and treatments are; chemical peels and varicose vein treatments may be covered under certain circumstances.

Trust Your Instinct

You’ve seen their credentials and read the reviews online. Ultimately, your own feelings will tell if you have found the right dermatologist. If they have a hostile bedside manner, an unwelcoming office, or charge hidden fees, look elsewhere. Other warning signs include salesy behavior and suggesting treatments not specific to your condition.

Evaluate Your Appointment

Ask a doctor about the treatments they provide, and how many procedures they perform daily. For example, if they do tattoo removal, ask if they rent or own laser equipment (practices that use rental machines don’t perform as many laser procedures). Inquire whether the doctor provides treatment and doesn’t simply “supervise” nurses or technicians.

Afterward, ask yourself if you felt heard, encouraged to share important information, and if you were thoroughly examined. Did the doctor provide coherent answers? If you require treatment, did they explain all the options, risks, and success rates of each?

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