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As we get older, we often find our necks aging faster than we do. Some people are so self-conscious they resort to invasive surgeries that, although the results are often permanent, involve long recovery times. A non-surgical neck lift avoids downtime and the potential complications of surgery. It uses a non-invasive approach to tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

What Does Non-Surgical Mean?

Traditional face lifts involve cutting the skin, physically repositioning it, and closing it up with stitches or other types of sutures. The process can be very traumatic. At the very least, it may require weeks of healing and discomfort. More recent innovations include injectables such as Botox and other dermal fillers. These can help smooth out the skin, but a non-surgical approach can yield more noticeable and longer-lasting results.

Laser and RF treatments do not cut the skin. Instead, they penetrate the surface to stimulate collagen production and tighten skin so that it looks more youthful. Although immediate results are often seen, the full effect of the procedure might take time as it stimulates the body’s naturally healing processes.

What Does the Procedure Help With?

A non-surgical neck lift can help reduce:

  • Sagging neck skin
  • Neck bands
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Bumpy skin
  • Droopy jawline jowls
  • Excess skin under the chin

How Long Do the Results Last?

There’s often immediate skin tightening, but additional tightening may occur over six months or more. Some people require multiple treatments to get the desired results. The long-term outcome depends on your lifestyle, overall health, and how much sun exposure you get. Other factors include heredity, changes in weight, and age. Treatment does not stop the aging process, so therefore doesn’t prevent future wrinkles or sagging of skin.

With the right neck lift doctor, positive results are possible. A neck lift procedure that does not involve surgery is most beneficial if you:

  • Prefer non-invasive treatment: Surgical cosmetic procedures can be frightening. Not to mention, they often involve significant recovery and downtime. You can have a tighter-looking neck without these concerns, while your neck and jawline can look smoother, firmer, and plumper. Sustaining that appearance, however, may require some maintenance.
  • Repeat treatments are okay: Surgery can be a one-off option for permanent results. Non-surgical procedures tend to require additional treatments. But you can maintain the desired look and avoid having invasive surgery. Your dermatologist may recommend a treatment schedule, or you might be able to choose when a touch up is necessary.
  • You prefer a preventative option: Lasers are highly effective when used for prevention. You can seek collagen-building and skin-tightening treatment to avoid wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, and other signs of aging later. Even if your issues aren’t very pronounced, seeking treatment early can help achieve results similar to those provided by major fixes such as surgical neck lifts.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment Options from LDI

The Laser & Dermatology Institute of California provides RF and laser treatments for a wide variety of skin conditions. We provide anti-aging treatments for people from all walks of life, with any skin tone, and of any age. In addition to a non-surgical neck lift, our board-certified dermatologist can treat acne and reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles, red and brown spots, improve skin texture, remove sun-damaged skin, reduce red and brown spots, and more.

Learn more or find a dermatologist near you by contacting LDI of Covina at 866-809-1102.

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