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Covina Laser Acne Treatment

Skin care has advanced considerably over the years and there are various treatments available that can rectify many types of skin ailments. One of the biggest problems faced in skin care today is acne treatment, and luckily there are various remedies that help to curb it. Among them, laser acne treatment has started to gain popularity due to the results it produces.

How does it work?

A common reason why acne occurs is due to over-active sebaceous glands which are overproducing sebum. While it is oil that your skin needs, having too much can be a problem. This oil tends to collect and clog the pores and collect bacteria and dead skin cells, thereby causing acne to appear. With non-surgical laser treatment, heat is applied to these sebaceous glands to shrink them and minimize the production of sebum.

Another common cause for acne is bacteria that are commonly found in skin. Usually, this bacteria does no harm to us, but it can sometimes get caught in the pores and end up blocking the supply of oxygen for the skin. The acne that forms is an attempt by the skin to flush out the bacteria so that it can increase its supply of oxygen. With laser treatments, the skin gets oxygenated and this acne causing bacteria are destroyed.

Is laser therapy safe?

In 2002, laser treatments received an FDA approval and were deemed safe to use on all skin types for the treatment of acne. Many doctors recommend using a combination treatment mode which includes the use of laser and follow it up with skin creams and other solutions that aid in after care and keep skin clear and acne free.

Usually, the frequency of the treatments and after-care is decided by the dermatologist based on the kind of acne you’re experiencing, your skin type and other factors that come into play. Sessions are also spaced out to allow the skin to heal from the first bout of the laser treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects from the use of laser acne treatments are usually minor and disappear within a day or two. All in all, you might experience the following:

  • Slight discomfort
  • Temporary darkening of skin
  • Minimal bruising

Keep in mind that side effects can change based on the kind of laser treatment being administered. Laser acne treatments that are meant for the first layer of the epidermis tend to have no side effects. Other treatments such as lasers that penetrate deeper into the skin tend to be more painful but are administered with the help of a topical anesthetic.

Getting the Laser Treatment

When opting for a laser treatment, always get one done by a licensed dermatologist. While these treatments are very safe and there is little that can go wrong, it is better to be safe than sorry and get them done by a professional at the Laser & Dermatology Institute. They will be licensed and there is a better guarantee that they will be using clean equipment and are in compliance with other standards enforced by the industry.

Trust Dr. Jacob Rispler and his team at LDI to deliver the results you’re looking for.  Contact us at our main location in Covina and discuss your needs during a free consultation!