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Where do age spots come from and what can I do about them?

Blotches of pigment are a common sight among those living in areas with a sunny climate. On top of sun exposure, age spots can also be caused by tanning beds and lamps. Unfortunately, these discolored patches can be quite difficult to remove on your own and can make you look much older than you actually are.

While concealer can work to hide your age spots, this can get expensive and frustrating.

Beware the Sun

You might be relieved to know that actual age spots are not cancerous. The culprit instead is sun exposure, specifically the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This ultraviolet, or UV, light speeds up the creation of melanin, which darkens the skin. Years spent in the sun can cause melanin to coalesce, creating a dark spot.

Treating Age Spots: Dermatologists in Los Angeles

You may be anxious to know what can be done to erase the damage done to your skin. You shouldn’t have to deal with irritating dark spots and blemishes. Laser therapy, in particular Fractional resurfacing techniques, have proven effective in reducing the appearance of skin aberrations including age spots without the pain and downtime associated with ablative laser methods such as Carbon Dioxide lasers.

If you are interested in getting your age spots removed without harsh surgery or chemicals, you should call LDI to discuss the benefits of laser dermatology during a complimentary consultation. Speak with our office today at (800) 606-6000.