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Traditional eye lift procedures caused bruising and swelling that took time to heal. It would take a while before the client could notice positive results. But nowadays, an eye lift is an easier procedure. Performed on the upper or lower eyelids, a non-surgical eye lift is an outpatient procedure that requires very little recovery time. In some cases, it involves no downtime at all.

Laser & Dermatology Institute of California offers premium laser and radiofrequency (RF) treatments to target eyelid skin. A combination of both can increase the elasticity of your skin to improve appearance and manage the signs of aging. New technologies and procedures have made the eyelid tightening, or blepharoplasty, process less strenuous for patients looking for an effective solution.

Dr. Jacob Rispler, a certified dermatologist and one of the most recognized names in laser dermatology, has developed numerous treatments over the years. He is the lead dermatologist at LDI and is highly experienced with providing a non-surgical eye lift, which can be used to:

  • Lift drooping eyelids
  • Tighten skin around the eyes
  • Treat wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Reduce bagginess
  • Reduce/eliminate dark circles

A laser eye lift is extremely precise and generally painless. Any irritation typically lasts just a few hours. No anesthesia is needed. You can return to normal activities immediately after treatment and there is little risk of scarring, which is a possibility with invasive surgical procedures.

How Do Laser Eye Lift Procedures Work?

Compared to surgery, laser treatment is very short. Multiple sessions are often used. A patient may undergo three to five different sessions to achieve the desired results. Swelling is the most common side effect but doesn’t last more than a couple of days. On the other hand, surgery can cause pain and bruising and require pain medication, special eye drops, cool compresses, and other regimens over a period of time.

Lasers Reduce the Risk of Post-Surgical Complications

The results of traditional procedures could not be changed, even if the outcome was less than ideal. In addition to scarring, surgery could cause eye damage and leave the skin around the eyes looking tight or stretched. Treatment was also expensive. It included the cost of surgical procedures, anesthesia, and medications to reduce pain and the risk of infections.

What Lasers Do You Recommend for an Eye Lift?

Radiofrequency skin tightening provides a more comfortable, affordable alternative to surgery, with greatly reduced recovery time. A non-surgical eye lift can be performed using our Forma laser, which contracts skin and boosts the production of collagen. It can tighten the skin while providing more definition.

Our Fractora laser, applying fractional RF energy, uses micro pins to stimulate skin healing and tightening. It is suited for the lower and upper eyelids and can be used on the face and neck as well. Fractora and Forma can be combined with other treatments to yield better, more natural results and promote healing.

Contact an LDI Dermatologist Near You

LDI can perform an outpatient, non-surgical eye lift with the latest technology and laser equipment. Compared to traditional surgery, our laser and RF treatments are simpler and safer, not to mention more affordable. To learn more, contact us at 888-585-3993 or use our self-scheduler to set up a free consultation at our location in Covina. We look forward to being part of your journey towards skin rejuvenation and having a more youthful appearance.