woman before and after tatoo removal
At one time, tattoos were permanent. Today, tattoo removal is possible with the aid of laser technology. There are many reasons one might decide to remove a tattoo. They may regret the decision, the tattoo might not have the same meaning, or one might want to appear more favorable to a new employer. But to...
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Woman touching her neckl
As we get older, we often find our necks aging faster than we do. Some people are so self-conscious they resort to invasive surgeries that, although the results are often permanent, involve long recovery times. A non-surgical neck lift avoids downtime and the potential complications of surgery. It uses a non-invasive approach to tighten and...
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close up of a nose
Blackheads are common among people who seek acne treatment. They appear as tiny dots across your skin and can occur in large numbers. At the same time, your skin may feel rough, bumpy, and scratchy. The bump caused by a blackhead is called a comedo. What Are Blackheads? A blackhead is a plug consisting of...
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pregnant woman in bed
Changes in skin are common during pregnancy, many of which are benign, resolve postpartum, and don’t require any substantial treatment. They may be pre-existing, hormone-related, or be directly related to the pregnancy. The most common pregnancy related skin conditions women may experience include: Hyperpigmentation Caused by an increase in melanin, hyperpigmentation occurs to some extent...
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Vitamin C
Sunscreens and topical creams, such as moisturizers, are proper forms of skincare. But did you know that vitamin C plays a critical role in the health of your skin? Vitamin C is found in many types of moisturizers and skincare products. Yet, studies have shown that as many as 15% of adults in the U.S....
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acne scar before and after
Anyone who gets acne is at risk of developing acne scars. A skin condition often associated with teenagers, acne can affect anyone at any stage of life. It is a condition in which hair follicles fill with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, resulting in pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Large bumps can appear and persist...
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chemical peel on face procedure
A chemical peel is a skin treatment option most often used on the face, neck, and hands. When people get chemical peels, an acid solution is applied to the surface of the skin. This chemical solution induces exfoliation, allowing newer, regenerated skin to form. The general purpose is to achieve an improved appearance. What Will...
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treating a wound on hand
A small cut or scrape can be easily treated at home. When caring for a wound, you want to make sure to avoid infection. Always clean it with soap and water to kill bacteria and other germs, and do so gently to avoid irritation. Avoid hydrogen peroxide and iodine; they can cause serious tissue damage....
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touching mustache with towel over neck
Skin care is important whether you’re still trying to fight off acne or delay the signs of aging. Healthy skin for men is possible by following a diligent skin care routine and practicing healthy habits. For healthier skin, these skin care tips for men can help without taking up too much time: Cleansing The old...
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woman applying anti aging cream to face
Your skin may show signs of aging by your 40s and 50s. It may lose firmness and fine lines and wrinkles may begin to appear. There may be changes in complexion as well. But you can maintain and even improve your appearance with these anti-aging skin care tips, many of which are beneficial for your...
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